November 28, 2018

Kathleen O'Driscoll
Vice President, GBGH

News Update

Did You Know....

The U.K.’s Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, announced a new initiative that urges U.K.-based employers to take a more active role in maintaining the health and well-being of their employees. You can learn more about his ideas to engage employers, here

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Future Watch

Building the Workforce of Tomorrow, Today McKinsey Quarterly, November 2018

Employers know that it will be challenging to ‘reskill’ the global workforce in coming years, as more jobs are automated and roles change. This interview highlights how digital business services leaders at SAP, a global software company based in Germany, have implemented a “multiyear “learning strategy,” which includes a sequence of learning journeys featuring boot camps, shadowing senior colleagues, peer coaching, and digital learning.” The goal is to help workers and the company continue to be successful as the landscape shifts towards more digital innovation and cloud projects, but the lessons are more broadly applicable.

What Your Peers Are Asking

India Parent Package. In India, the most important institutuion cuturally is family, and healthcare benefits are an essential part of employee’s benefit packages. This parent package looks into the new maternity legislation and landscape. Also, in India, employee’s parents are sometimes offered lifetime medical coverage. Both situations can be high cost drivers for claims cost. The parent package explores these implications and provides calls to action for your India workforce.

Global Benefits Perspective

Global Philosophy and Strategy. In the early stages of a global benefits journey, it is important to take the time to define your philosophy, strategy, and overarching guiding principles. This will form the anchor for all future initiatives, priorities and programs. If programs are implemented before defining your landscape, you risk diluting your ability for scale or leverage, and increasing the likelihood of rework. 

Public Policy Update

DACA Continues. Recently, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit issued a ruling that the Department of Homeland Security must continue to accept renewal applications for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. As a result, individuals to previously had deferred action status under DACA can continue to apply for renewals. For employees with current DACA status, this provides temporary relief from deportation, at least while the litigation surrounding DACA is ongoing. The U.S. Supreme Court likely will consider and decide the ultimate fate of the program, perhaps as early as spring 2019. We will keep our members updated and are happy to answer any questions.

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