September 29, 2018

Kathleen O'Driscoll
Vice President, GBGH

The Global Business Group on Health℠ (GBGH) has developed this new monthly e-newsletter that compiles components from our previous communication model into a one-stop shop. Please let us know what your thoughts are on this new approach.

News Update

Did You Know.... 


A recent report published in the Lancet found that five million people die every year because of poor-quality health care in low- and middle-income countries. That’s five times more than annual deaths from HIV/AIDS   (1 million) and three times more than diabetes (1.4 million) in the same countries. You can learn more about the report’s findings here.

For additional articles of interest to global employers, check out GBGH's reformatted News Update.

Future Watch

How artificial intelligence is influencing the world of employee benefits

Employee Benefits, September 4, 2018

While the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace is in its infancy, it shows great promise for the world of employee benefits. In particular, AI is able to provide targeted advice related to  health benefits or well-being quickly- in a matter of minutes or an hour- where it would take a person a much longer time. AI also assists in providing personalized content to emoployees. “Using AI to deliver relevant content and perks will not only boost employee engagement with the benefits themselves, but also with the organisation as a whole. This can increase benefit take-up and also lead to improvements in areas such as retention and productivity.” However, AI is not without challenges. This article summarizes the opportunities and challenges for employers as artificial intelligence advances and its use becomes more commonplace.


What Your Peers Are Asking

Global Well-Being Platforms. Promoting a culture of health in your workforce is good for business. As this fact becomes more recognized, your peers want to know more about global, personalized health and well-being platforms. 75% of GBGH survey respondents state their well-being initiatives have produced a medium or high impact improving:

  • Employee engagement and morale
  • Organizational image
  • Overall employee well-being
  • Ability to attract employees
  • Worker performance and productivity

Learn more about building the case for a global well-being platforms today. 

Global Benefits Perspective

Global Brokers. The use of global brokers is a key topic for member companies of The Global Business Group on Health (GBGH), as it often forms an integral part of a global benefits governance strategy.  This survey provides a look at the prevalence, dynamics, and opportunities with this important partnership.

Here is the call summary we compiled on the global broker business case and RFP process.


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