August 29, 2018

Kathleen O'Driscoll
Vice President, GBGH

The Global Business Group on Health℠ (GBGH) has developed this new monthly e-newsletter that compiles components from our previous communication model into a one-stop shop. Please let us know what your thoughts are on this new approach.

News Update

Did You Know....   

A recent study published in Diabetologia Journal was the first to show that women with diabetes face a higher risk for cancer than men with the disease. Study findings show that women with type 1 or type 2 diabetes have a higher risk for stomach, mouth and kidney cancer. 

For additional articles of interest to global employers, check out GBGH's reformatted News Update.

Future Watch

The Twin Threats of Aging and Automation, Mercer - July 17, 2018

The global workforce is rapidly aging, at a time that the way we do work is also quickly changing. According to Mercer, “at the convergence of these two trends sits a variety of risks and opportunities for employers.” Employers should begin thinking about older workers as a valuable source of talent and productivity in the workforce of the future, particularly those who are at high risk of being displaced due to increasing automation. This report focuses on 15 major markets to “examine and quantify the risks of rapid societal aging and of older workers’ susceptibility to automation.”

What Your Peers Are Asking

Brexit. Since the 2016 vote, companies have been trying to understand the implications of the upcoming Brexit, when the U.K. will leave the European Union. At our June GBGH Forum meeting, a representative from the British Embassy shared insights into the Brexit process, including details about the timeline for exit. We have compiled that information in this new publication.

Global Benefits Perspective

Absence Management. Employers are interested in tackling absence management globally. To assist members, GBGH staff developed a relevant slide deck that focuses on considerations, employer examples and potential vendor partners.


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