July 25, 2018

Kathleen O'Driscoll
Vice President, GBGH

The Global Business Group on Health℠ (GBGH) has developed this new monthly e-newsletter that compiles components from our previous communication model into a one-stop shop. Please let us know what your thoughts are on this new approach.

News Update

Did You Know....   

A new study published in the Journal of Vascular Medicine found that e-cigarettes and vapes with nicotine have a significant impact on a person's vascular function? This study revealed that smokers of e-cigarettes/vapes experienced the same, if not a higher level of cardiovascular elevation for long periods after smoking.

For additional articles of interest to global employers, check out GBGH's reformatted News Update.

Future Watch

These Are the 5 "Super Skills" You Need for Jobs of the Future, Fast Company - June 20, 2018

Many of tomorrow's jobs aren't yet in existence, and the workplace a decade or two from now will look quite different than it does today. How can we prepare for shifts caused by technology, the environment, the economy, and politics? This article highlights five "super skills" -- personal brand, digital fluency, a tribe, making sense of complexity, and resilience -- most likely to help employees and businesses compete and stay relevant in the coming years.

What Your Peers Are Asking

Fear of Failure. Companies are constantly trying to improve their workplace culture and create a healthy environment where employees feel trusted, valued and aligned with their company's mission and values. These intangibles positively affect retention, production and ultimately the bottom-line.

Recently, GBGH members expressed a corporate cultural shift where employees are less comfortable taking risks for fear of failing. Is your company empowering employee innovation or thinking outside the box? GBGH developed a new slide deck that includes actionable steps to create a cultural shift.

Global Benefits Perspective

Global Minimum Core Benefits. Leading GBGH member companies are evolving their market median-driven benefits strategy to one that has a minimum core level for select benefits. This strategy allows them to become truly global enterprises for benefits that are important to their business and benefit strategies.


As companies consider this approach, GBGH has tools to help members with that process:

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