March 27, 2019

News Update

Did You Know....

Staff sickness and uncertainty caused by Brexit have worsened England’s National Health Service (NHS) staffing shortages. A recent NHS staff survey found that about 40% are unwell with stress, one of the highest in five years. With health and social care relying heavily on staff from the E.U., Brexit has the potential to compound NHS’ existing recruitment and retention problems. You can learn more here or join us for a webinar: What’s Next for Brexit? on April 8th to learn more about what’s going on in the region.

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Future Watch

5 Ways Work Culture Will Change by 2030 Fast Company, February 4, 2019

Global employers know that a company’s culture- the way it behaves and the norms and expectations that employees feel beholden to- play a role in recruitment, retention, engagement and more. In the coming years, developments such as automation, demographic shifts, diversity and inclusion initiatives and talent shortages will have an impact on work culture in the long- and short-term. This article highlights a few of those key future trends and ways that employers can create “cultures employees seek out and don’t want to leave.”

What Your Peers Are Asking

Global Cost Control Mechanisms. GBGH members are continually asking to learn more about global health and benefit cost control best practices. Are you considering a co-pay scheme internationally? Learn more about standard market practices and cost containment measures through our member examples and benchmarking data.

Global Benefits Perspective

Supporting a Modern Global Workforce. It’s no secret that the world is changing. Twenty-first century employees' needs, expectations and values from their workplace are changing rapidly. GBGH launched a three-part call series for members on how they are implementing relevant policies, benefits and resources that increase engagement, work-life satisfaction and access to care in today’s world. You can find the summaries to the previous calls on Diversity and Inclusion and Family-Friendly Benefits on our website.

Global Summit

Global Summit 2019. Among the many inspiring discussions and compelling sessions you won’t want to miss at Global Summit 2019, is featured keynote Mauro Guillén’s presentation, Opportunities in the 21st Century. Mauro, a Zandman Professor of International Management at the Wharton School and an Aspen’s Institute Faculty Pioneer Award winner, will detail his research on the future of global markets from a sociodemographic standpoint, and the dynamics of innovation in the global digital economy.

Explore the agenda to learn more about the insider insights you can expect to discover June 19–20 in Washington, DC and register now to keep your organization on pace with global trends!

Public Policy Update

China Removing Family Planning Restrictions. With its population rapidly aging, China is making policy changes to ensure its economic growth doesn’t stagnate. In 2016, the country switched its One Child Policy to Two Children Policy, but Chinese families haven’t had many more children. By removing all of the restrictions, country leaders hope that leads to more births. This will be difficult as there are millions of men without a female counterpart. An unfortunate side effect of the One Child Policy is that male offspring are preferred to female. These millions of men are called “bare branches” as they will be unable to produce offspring of their own. Employers will want to update their policies and benefits to allow for multiple children. Companies may want to determine ways to help with child care as that is one burden that Chinese families struggle with especially in urban centers. Companies may want to offer counseling services to men who unable to partner and review its security efforts for women as human trafficking has become a larger issue given this social paradigm.

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