April 30, 2019

News Update

Did You Know....

A recent study found that diabetes has dramatically increased the risk of premature death among women and the middle-aged throughout Asia--with India and China having the highest global burden. You can learn more about the study’s findings here. The World Health Organization has several resources which you may find helpful at addressing diabetes in India, China and throughout the region.

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Future Watch

An ageing workforce isn't a burden. It's an opportunity World Economic Forum, January 3, 2019

The world is aging rapidly. Soon, people over sixty will outnumber children aged five and under. The first five-generation workplace is almost upon us and it is often looked at as a problem to be solved instead of an opportunity for employers and employees to evolve and grow. The author of this article outlines steps that can be taken at the employee, company and governmental level to keep older workers effective on the job and a valuable part of the workforce.

What Your Peers Are Asking

Mental Health Survey. GBGH members identified mental health as a #1 priority for 2019. In response to that, GBGH is conducting research compiling resources for the benefit of our members. As part of the initiative, this survey focuses on mental health programs, campaigns, benefits and challenges in: China, Mexico, Italy, Japan, The Middle East region, South Africa, and The U.K. The information captured is vital to the Business Group’s work to provide members with important information that will help meet the mental health needs of the global workforce. We appreciate your participation!

Global Benefits Perspective

Global Sabbatical Leave. There is growing interest and support for employers to offer a global sabbatical leave policy as a benefit to their employees. Almost one-fourth of Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For offer some type of sabbaticals. Though the leave policy is not uniformed or ubiquitous throughout employer types, research has started to explore and reinforce its capability to enhance recruitment efforts, retain high-performers and potentially build a more agile and inspired workforce.

Learn more about what the GBGH community has implemented in this space through employer examples of their sabbatical leave policies.

Global Summit

Global Summit 2019. Among the many inspiring sessions at Global Summit 2019, ahighlighted feature will be an embassy panel discussing perspectives & underlying policies around the world. One of the panelists, Mikaël Garnier-Lavalley, Counselor for Health, Social Welfare and Sports, Embassy of France in the United States will explore France’s health system. He will be joined by representatives from other country embassies. Don’t miss this great opportunity to hear first hand about the underlying national systems with which employer sponsored health programs integrate.

Explore more of the agenda to learn more about the insider insights you can expect to discover June 19–20 in Washington, DC. Register soon while space lasts! 

Public Policy Update

Paternity Leave in Spain. The country increased the amount of paternity leave available to employees from the current 5 weeks. Here is the increase schedule:

  • 2019 (as of April 1) – 8 weeks (2 week immediately spent after childbirth with the remainder spent before the child turns 1 year old)
  • 202012 weeks (4 weeks immediately spent after childbirth with the remainder spent before the child turns 1 year old)
  • 202116 weeks (6 weeks immediately spent after childbirth with the remainder spent before the child turns 1 year old)

For more information on parental leave, please see these resources:

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