February 25, 2019

News Update

Did You Know....

The Ebola virus epidemic in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is the second largest in history after the west African epidemic in 2014. Armed conflict, political instability, and mass displacement only complicate the matter. This uncontrolled epidemic poses major risks for a regional outbreak with the potential to affect employees living and traveling to the region. You can learn more about what’s going on in the DRC here. GBGH has a number of emergency preparedness resources that can be found here.

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Future Watch

Around the Globe: Three Models of Innovation to Emulate Oliver Wyman Health, January 23, 2019

Global health care spending is expected to increase from $7.2 trillion in 2015 to $18.3 trillion in 2040. This growth means the status quo isn’t sustainable. Health care systems across the world are facing financial and operational pressures and will have to innovate in order to balance access, quality and costs. The authors of this article outlines three “archetypes of innovation” that will enable health care systems in the future to get more value from their spending.

What Your Peers Are Asking

Latin America Summit. In response to member feedback requesting a forum like experience for their regional colleagues, GBGH held its inaugural Latin America Regional Summit where members enjoyed the opportunity to benchmark and learn from each other, hosted in-person by Mercer Marsh Beneficios.  Peers discussed:

  • Family-friendly benefits and leave
  • D&I
  • Financial and mental well-being initiatives
  • Utilizing apps to engage employees in benefit and well-being efforts
  • Johnson &Johnson’s global well-being strategy that won them a Best Employers award
  • And more. To find out what your peers in Latin America are asking see the Summit Insights publication
Global Benefits Perspective

Brexit. As the timeline for the UK’s impending withdrawal from the EU draws near, the possibility of a “no deal” Brexit weighs more heavily on the minds of many as they consider the implications.  The fate of reciprocal healthcare agreements as well as the impact to European Works Councils (EWC), are just some of many areas potentially impacted by Brexit and of which global health and benefits professionals need to consider.  In a blog by GBGH, Breaking Down Brexit, we provide an overview of recent activity and potential outcomes gleaned from our discussion with representatives of the British embassy. 

Global Summit

Global Summit 2019. Global Summit 2019 is the first event of its kind designed specifically for global benefit leaders. Focused around the theme, Navigating the Complex Global Benefits Landscape, this unique, brand new event will explore emerging global topics and tackle a number of pressing issues. Gain critical insights about how to evolve your organization’s future strategies and partnerships as you maneuver health care transformations by joining approximately 100 fellow industry leaders and key executives from Fortune 100 companies at Global Summit.

As a member of the Global Business Group on Health, you receive a complimentary registration to the Global Summit with code Global19.

Space is limited — check out the agenda and register now to save your seat!

Public Policy Update

Transgender Sterilization in Japan. At the end of January, the Japanese Supreme Court upheld a law requiring transgender individuals to undergo sterilization during their gender reassignment surgery. The Court wants the government to remove this law through legislation given the changes in Japanese culture. On our Diversity & Inclusion benchmarking call, GBGH members are reviewing ways to cover transgender reassignment surgery across the globe. In Japan, employers will want to include resources guiding employees through this difficult decision. For more information about transgender services in Japan, here are additional external resources:

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