Addressing Strategies to Address Mental Health: A Virtual Summit Series

Part 4: Global Approaches to Address Access & Stigma
November 19, 2019, 12:00 - 1:00 pm ET

Mental health and substance use disorders are the leading contributors to years lived with disability around the world. While cost-effective treatments exist, many people who need care don’t receive it due to problems with stigma, access, resources or costs. Employers play an important role in addressing the barriers to mental health care globally. However, the context, culture and details vary greatly between countries, making both a global strategy and a local understanding essential for effectively supporting the workforce’s mental health needs.

Attend this Virtual Summit to hear from global and local experts on how government officials and providers in key markets for global employers are addressing access, stigma, and other mental health challenges through regulatory, EAP and health system means. You’ll also gain key insights from the Business Group’s recent survey of Mental Health Benefits Around the World.

Virtual Summit Speakers:

  • Brian Demmer, Manager, Global Programs, ComPsych® Corporation
  • Russell Bath, Director, Clinical Operations, LifeAssist (South Africa)
  • Kaoru Ichikawa, Director, Resilie Laboratory Inc. (Japan)
  • Chris Launay, Director General, Psya (Spain, France)
  • Yan Li, Vice President, Asia Pacific/China, ComPsych® Corporation (China)
  • Martha Peña, Director Clinico Programa de Asistencia al Empleado (EAP),  M.Peña, Olavarría y Asociados S.C.
  • Chris Stevens, Managing Director, LifeAssist (South Africa)
  • Amy Ford, Assistant Director, Global Business Group on Health

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